Trump purges Homeland Security leadership. A day after Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was forced to resign, President Donald Trump ousted several top officials at DHS, including the head of the Secret Service -

  • Republicans in Congress are alarmed by Trump's ouster of top DHS officials -
  • White House advisor Stephen Miller is the driving force behind the DHS purge. He would leak information about the number of migrants crossing the border to the right-wing Washington Examiner, then show the resulting articles to President Trump in order to put pressure on former secretary Nielsen -

Trump tried to close the border at El Paso and told border agents to ignore federal law to keep migrants out. Within recent weeks, Trump attempted to close the border at El Paso before relenting. Additionally, he told border security agents to not let migrants in the country and lie to judges about it -

Family separation policy may return. The house cleaning at DHS may signal the Trump administration is preparing to crack down on immigration, including a return of the controversial family separation policy -

A federal judge blocked a Trump administration policy forcing asylum seekers to remain in Mexico. The judge said the policy forcing asylum seekers to stay in Mexico until they get a court hearing likely violates federal law -

Democrats get a crack at Barr on Tuesday. Congressional Democrats are expected to press Attorney General William Barr about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation during an appropriations committee hearing -

Another Democrat jumps in. Congressman Eric Swalwell announces he's exploring a 2020 presidential bid -

Voters in Israel head to the polls today. Current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting for his political survival -

Trump administration labels Iran's Revolutionary Guard a foreign terrorist group. It's the first time the U.S. has labeled part of another nation's government as that type of official threat -

White House ends MLB's agreement with Cuba. The Trump administration scuttled Major League Baseball's deal allowing Cuban baseball players to play in America, saying the policy violates U.S. trade laws -

390 billion tons of glaciers melt every year. A new study says global warming is behind the melting -