Mueller report will be released "within a week." Attorney General William Barr says he will deliver a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report to Congress soon. He said he will not allow them to see an unredacted version of the document -

  • Democrats plan to "very quickly" issue a subpoena to the Justice Department seeking the full report as well as access to grand jury and counterintelligence evidence -

Justice Dept. to probe possible anti-Trump bias in the FBI. Attorney General William Barr said Tuesday he has assembled a team to review decisions made by the FBI and the Justice Department that led to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation -

Treasury Dept. and White House discussed the request for Trump's tax returns. Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin told members of Congress on Tuesday his department had discussed the effort by Democrats to obtain President Trump's tax returns. Mnuchin said he would not allow politics to play a role in the effort by Democrats to get Trump's tax documents while reiterating Trump's right to keep the information private -

  • The Treasury Department is expected to miss Wednesday's deadline for turning over Trump's tax returns to Congress -

Chaos in the White House over immigration. The Washington Post has a fascinating look at how the Trump administration panicked while addressing a surge in migrants at the southern border -

The Trump administration is considering a plan to make it harder for asylum seekers to enter the country. The proposal includes tougher interviews for migrants seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border -

  • The number of migrants crossing the Mexican border illegally hit a 12-year high in March -
  • Trump continues to falsely claim his family separation policy is a continuation of an Obama-era policy -

Democrats scrap budget vote over ideological divide. Progressives in the House want more domestic spending, while centrists objected to rising debt -

Congressional hearing on white nationalism devolves into a farce. The House Judiciary Committee hearing about a surge in attacks by far-right extremists veered off topic as Republicans raged about their own perceived persecution on social media -

  • Proving the point of the hearing, the comments on the YouTube livestream of the hearing were disabled after a flood of racist and anti-Semitic comments -

Most Americans approve of Trump's handling of the economy. A new poll shows 58% of Americans give Trump positive ratings on the economy, but 59% of Americans are worried about an economic downturn -

New York mandates measles vaccinations. A measles outbreak in New York City has prompted public health officials to require unvaccinated people to get the vaccine or face a fine -

Trump's attacks on the media have eroded the credibility of media outlets...among Republicans. A new poll shows President Trump's cries of "fake news" has driven a decline in the perception of the media's credibility, but that's mostly among Republicans. Democrats and independents still feel the media is trustworthy -

Trump's "truly bizarre" visit to Mt. Vernon. Last year, during a guided tour of George Washington's Mount Vernon home with French president Emmanuel Macron, Trump wondered why Washington didn't name the estate after himself. It was also clear that Macron knew more about the history of Mount Vernon than Trump -

Israel's elections too close to call. Current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party is neck and neck with the Blue and White party led by Benny Gantz, but Netanyahu appears to be in better position to form a government and win a record fifth term -

Bank of America to raise their minimum wage to $20. The boost from $15 to $20 per hour will occur over the next two years -