Barr’s FBI spying claim amps up fight over Mueller probe. Democrats are upset that Barr said FBI under Obama administration spied on Trump campaign. He is pledging to investigate origins of Trump collusion inquiry (Politico) (The Hill).

European leaders offer Brexit delay, averting chaotic exit. British Prime Minister Theresa May had asked for an extension until the end of June, but E.U. leaders are tired of emergency Brexit summits and gave her until Halloween (Washington Post).

U.S Immigration system may have reached a breaking point. For years, there have been warnings that America’s immigration system was going to fail. That time may be now (NY Times).

Israel’s Netanyahu wins re-election, main challenger concedes defeat. Pres. Trump phones Netanyahu and offers congratulations (Reuters).

Sen. Mitt Romney joins a few Republicans opposed to nomination of Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve. Cain has been criticized as strictly a loyalist and political pick by Trump. (Tribune).