Washington is bracing for the imminent release of the Mueller report. It's been 3 weeks since Attorney General William Barr released his four-page summary of the almost 400-page document - https://politi.co/2GiWZGj

  • Sources close to President Donald Trump say he revived the idea of sending immigrants to so-called sanctuary cities to distract from the report - https://nyti.ms/2GfxDZX
  • The White House has not seen the report, but they have been briefed on what's in the document - http://bit.ly/2GiV6JJ

It's tax day. The Trump tax cuts remain unpopular as many Americans got a smaller-than-expected tax refund, or none at all - https://politi.co/2GkHzBw

  • If you were shocked by the size of this year's tax refund, next year could be worse unless you make changes now - https://nyti.ms/2GjrSdt

Big fundraising haul. President Trump's re-election campaign will report Monday they raised a whopping $30 million in the first fundraising quarter of the year - http://bit.ly/2Gjpun1


  • The White House is considering rules to clamp down on countries whose nationals overstay their short-term visitor visas. They are also considering other rules to tighten student and investor visas - https://on.wsj.com/2Gdcuj4
  • Sunday night President Trump tweeted he has the "absolute legal right" to release immigrant detainees in so-called sanctuary cities - http://bit.ly/2GdhIex

Infrastructure deal? President Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi plan to meet in the near future to discuss a bipartisan infrastructure package - http://bit.ly/2GdgXSJ

Boring but important. There are increasing worries that the chill in U.S.-Russia relations could lead to the countries stumbling into armed conflict - http://bit.ly/2GitoNj

Kim wants a third summit. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says he would be open to a third meeting with President Trump to discuss denuclearization. Trump tweeted Sunday night he was open to the idea - http://bit.ly/2GjquYj

Threats increasing toward Omar. Rep. Ilhan Omar says she has received an increase in death threats since President Trump shared a video on social media attacking her on Twitter - https://politi.co/2Gce8RU

Ocasio-Cortez obsession. In the six weeks from February 25 to April 7, freshman Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez was mentioned 3,1818 on Fox News and Fox Business. Fox host Stuart Varney said "we have an AOC segment every single day, almost every single hour. She's good for our ratings." - http://bit.ly/2GisW1z

Pulitzer Prizes will be awarded Monday. Judges considered thousands of entries. Expect many of the winners to be about coverage of President Trump - http://bit.ly/2GcLdNt