Trade war

  • Larry Kudlow, President Donald Trump's chief economic adviser, admitted on Sunday that Americans would bear some economic pain from the trade war with China -
  • Trump lashed out against Kudlow's statement in a series of angry tweets Monday morning -
  • President Trump wants $15 billion in subsidies for American farmers to lessen the impact of the trade war with China. That's on top of the $12 billion already earmarked to help farmers weather the economic fallout -

Trump and his allies are blocking more than 20 separate investigations. The Trump administration has failed to comply with at least 79 requests for documents or other information -

  • President Trump's supporters say Democrats are not following "rules and norms" that govern Congressional oversight -

Americans are losing health insurance. The number of Americans without health insurance jumped by 1.1 million in 2018, the second consecutive year that number has risen following several years of declines -

Funding the wall. The Pentagon says they're planning on shifting $1.5 billion from several programs, including ballistic missile development, to fund President Trump's wall on the border with Mexico -


  • National Republicans are recruiting women and minority candidates for the 2020 election -
  • Beto O'Rourke is trying to relaunch his campaign this week -
  • Montana Gov. Steve Bullock plans to jump into the Democratic nomination race this week, making him the 22nd person seeking the nomination -
  • Democrats fear so many candidates seeking the party's presidential nomination will hurt their chances of winning control of the Senate in 2020 -

Climate change

62% of millennials say they are living paycheck to paycheck. Only 38% say they feel financially stable -

Russia wants you to be afraid of 5G technology. RT America, a Russian network known for sowing disinformation, is raising the alarm about 5G cell phone technology, falsely linking 5G to brain cancer and other medical problems. -