Mueller said some stuff. Special counsel Robert Mueller gave a rare public statement on Wednesday in which he declined to clear President Donald Trump of wrongdoing. He also warned Americans about foreign interference in future elections -

  • President Trump said after Mueller's statement "The case is closed" -
  • After his statement, several more Democrats who are running for president in 2020 said Congress should open impeachment proceedings against President Trump -

Trump triggered? The White House told the U.S. Navy to keep a warship named for the late Sen. John McCain out of President Trump's sight during his recent trip to Japan lest it upset him. The Navy covered up the USS John McCain's name with a tarp and gave sailors from the ship, who normally wear hats with the vessel's name, the day off during Trump's visit -

  • Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan said he did not authorize the effort to keep the USS John McCain out of sight -

Trump's tax cuts didn't do much for the economy. An independent congressional report finds the tax reform package passed by Congress in late 2017 has had little effect on wages or GDP, and it's not paying for itself as Republicans promised -

Another election in Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to form a new government in time, leading to a new election in that country -

Boring but important. The bond market is showing some troubling signs that the economy may be heading toward a recession -


  • Louisiana lawmakers passed a bill that bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which could be as early as six weeks. The state's Democratic governor says he will sign the legislation -
  • Disney CEO Bob Iger says it will be "very difficult" for the company to keep filming in Georgia if that state's new abortion law takes effect -

Roy Moore vs. Donald Trump. Roy More hit back at President Donald Trump on Wednesday after the president said Moore should not run for the U.S. Senate again -

New NAFTA deal on the backburner. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is resisting pressure from the Trump administration to quickly pass the updated North American trade deal -

Farm bailout. Big corporate farms, not small operations, will collect most of the Trump administration's bailout to lessen the negative effects of the trade war with China -

Russian nuke tests. U.S. intelligence says Russia is secretly carrying out low-level nuclear tests in violation of a nuclear arms treaty -

Social media

  • Shady political ads are already pouring into Facebook, and it's nearly impossible to track who is buying them -
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed Facebook for the company's refusal to remove altered videos of her, accusing the social network of being a "willing enabler" of Russian interference in U.S. elections -
  • Twitter is researching whether white supremacists should be banned from the platform -

Freedom gas? The Department of Energy is trying to rebrand natural gas as "freedom gas" and "molecules of freedom" -