Trump threatens Mexico. President Donald Trump said he would impose a 5-percent tariff on all imports from Mexico next month unless the country cracks down on the flow of illegal immigration coming into the U.S. -

  • Stock futures and the global stock markets slumped on the news -
  • If Trump follows through on his threat to impose tariffs, it could sink Trump's proposed trade deal with Mexico and Canada -

Bombshell. New documents show a deceased GOP strategist was a driving factor in the Trump administration's decision to add a citizenship question on the 2020 census. Thomas Hofeller wrote a study showing adding that question would advantage white, non-Hispanic voters, allowing Republicans to draw political boundaries that would put Democrats at a disadvantage -


  • President Trump admitted on Thursday that Russia helped get him elected in 2016, then walked that admission back shortly afterward -
  • Trump attacked special counsel Robert Mueller as being conflicted because of a personal vendetta against Trump, a claim that has been repeatedly discredited -
  • Attorney General William Barr says special counsel Mueller "could've reached a decision" on whether President Trump obstructed justice -
  • President Trump railed against a growing call for the House to instigate impeachment proceedings against him, calling impeachment "a dirty, filthy, disgusting word" -
  • Over 50 House members now say they favor beginning an impeachment inquiry against President Trump -


  • Democrats unveil a $90 million super PAC targeting grassroots turnout in seven swing states -
  • The Democratic National Committee is demanding that each of their presidential primary debates feature at least one woman moderator -

Nancy Pelosi doesn't want to talk about President Trump anymore. "I'm done with him, in terms of talking about him," she said during a Thursday interview -

Boring but important. The U.S. has dropped to third place in the ranking of most competitive economies, falling behind Singapore and Hong Kong -

North Korea purge. Kim Jong-un has reportedly executed that country's special envoy to the United States on spying charges following the breakdown of the second summit with President Donald Trump -

Media slap fight. The New York Times is warning reporters about appearing on cable news shows that are too ideological, including MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show

Measles cases exploding. There have been more measles cases in the first half of this year than in all of 1992, which was the last massive outbreak -