Republicans seek to block Trump's tariffs on Mexico. Republicans in Congress are discussing whether they will vote to stop President Donald Trump from imposing new tariffs on Mexico -

  • President Trump may have to invoke emergency powers in order to levy his threatened tariffs on Mexico if they do not stem the tide of immigration -
  • Mexican officials say if Trump follows through on his tariff threat, it could be "very costly for the U.S. economy" as well as worsen the immigration problem in Central America -
  • Trump's tariffs carry a significant political risk for the president, especially in swing states -
  • The Trump administration considered slapping tariffs on Australia last week in a response to cheap Australian aluminum flooding the market. They pulled back from the idea after opposition from the military and State Department -

Trump vs. the media. President Trump urged a boycott of AT&T, the parent company of CNN, in order to force the network to provide more favorable coverage of him -

Mueller. House Democrats plan on holding hearings on the Mueller report next week. They are planning to highlight "presidential obstruction and other crimes" in the June 10 hearing -

Democrats may censure Trump. House Democrats are considering censure for the president as an alternative to rising calls for impeachment from their caucus -

  • House Majority Whip Rep. Jim Clyburn walked back his comments suggesting Democrats will eventually impeach President Trump -
  • So far, 56 Democrats and one Republican in the House support launching an impeachment inquiry -

Big tech in the hot seat. House lawmakers will launch an investigation into Facebook, Google and other tech giants to determine if they are so big that they stifle competition and harm consumers -

Contempt vote. The House Oversight Committee will vote to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt for refusing to comply with a subpoena for documents on the Trump administration's plan to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census -


  • Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to lead the Democratic field. A new poll finds Biden with 32% support, which is down from 39% support in April -
  • President Trump's campaign is focusing on New Mexico, Nevada and New Hampshire as states where they could bolster their re-election chances -
  • President Trump is spending more than $37,000 in campaign cash to rent space in Trump Tower. The cost is at least triple what the Republican National Committee is paying for space it shares with the Trump campaign in Virginia -


  • A federal judge rejected a lawsuit from House Democrats seeking to prevent President Trump from spending Defense Department funds to construct his border wall -
  • Migrant children are being forced to sleep outside because Border Patrol stations on the Southwest border are overflowing -

Disaster aid bill passes the House. The House was able to finally approve a $19.1 billion disaster relief bill. The bill now goes to President Trump, who is expected to sign it -

Boring but important part 1. Congress must raise the federal debt ceiling by October or early November to avoid defaulting on the federal debt. If that happens, it would trigger billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts across every part of the federal budget -

Boring but important part 2. Manufacturing in the U.S. dropped to its lowest point since before the 2016 presidential election -

Climate change. A new report says a warming globe could create more than a billion refugees worldwide, which could devastate civilization by 2050 -

Sad. A new report says no country in the world will reach gender equality by 2030 -