Whoa! Democratic 2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg's campaign says they raised a whopping $24.8 million during the second quarter of this year - https://nyti.ms/2NlZsGH

North Korea

  • President Trump made a last minute visit to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un where they agreed to restart nuclear talks. During the meeting he became the first sitting U.S. president to cross into the north - http://bit.ly/2No8Edz
  • The Trump administration may be on the verge of recognizing North Korea as a nuclear power, which is something they said they would never do. The new strategy may be aiming at freezing North Korean nuclear production rather than disarmament - https://nyti.ms/2NlbZtU
  • President Trump claimed former President Obama tried, and failed, to meet with Kim Jong Un repeatedly during his White House tenure. Former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes says Trump is lying - http://bit.ly/2NoYEB2

China. The U.S. and China agreed to continue talks to end the trade war between the two countries, but Chinese officials warned the path to a deal could be long and difficult - https://reut.rs/2NpkJ27

Budget talks. Senate Republicans are having difficulty finding common ground on a plan to fund the government and avoid another shutdown. Congress has until the end of September to agree to a funding deal - http://bit.ly/2NoZM7L


  • Conditions at an El Paso border station are reportedly so bad, Border Patrol agents are drinking heavily and arming themselves against a possible riot - https://nbcnews.to/2NoUjOa
  • President Trump says his administration will probably launch a series of immigration raids sometime after the July 4th holiday unless "something pretty miraculous" happens in talks over immigration reform with Congressional Democrats - https://cnn.it/2NqcZNB
  • The Supreme Court will hear cases next term on whether President Trump lawfully ended Obama-era protections for undocumented immigrants - http://bit.ly/2NolCIe


  • Kamala Harris' campaign raised $2 million in the 24 hours following her impressive debate performance last week - https://nyti.ms/2NpkYKz
  • Iowa voters are increasingly skeptical of former vice president Joe Biden's 2020 prospects - http://bit.ly/2Nm21s9
  • The Trump campaign launched an initiative to win support from Latino voters. Critics say the outreach is odd given Trump's actions on immigration - https://wapo.st/2NmLPXK
  • Democratic hopefuls are facing the prospect of being cut from the next round of debates this fall - http://bit.ly/2NpLYtE
  • Facebook says they're launching an election monitoring center to prevent against interference and misinformation from spreading during the 2020 election -  https://cnn.it/2NoYPwd

Ivanka Trump

  • The president's daughter is being criticized for playing a central role during President Trump's visit to Japan for the G20 summit and his impromptu trip to North Korea - https://wapo.st/2NrBSZ8
  • Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez ripped Ivanka on Twitter saying "Being someone's daughter isn't a career qualification" - http://bit.ly/2NEnOf9

Economic record. The U.S. economy has now gone 121 months without a recession, the longest period in history. Economists are warning a significant slowdown in growth and possibly a recession are coming because of trade tensions -  http://bit.ly/2NjCQ9B

Economic warnings

  • A third of Americans say they've cut back on spending this year amid worries a recession is coming - https://cnb.cx/2NEpKnV
  • Manufacturing is slowing down in the U.S., leading to fears of an economic slowdown -  https://on.wsj.com/2NldFDI

Climate fears. Exceptionally warm temperaturs have resulted in an earlier than normal sea ice melt off the coast of Alaska, alarming residents about the effects it will have on seals and fish that provide their livelihoods - http://bit.ly/2NqXkNR