Border horror. A federal watchdog published horrific pictures of conditions inside Border Patrol facilities during an unannounced visit. The photos show extreme overcrowding in areas that are designed to be temporary holding facilities -

  • Rep. Joaquin Castro captured pictures and video during his tour of border facilities on Monday, showing squalid and overcrowded conditions -
  • Nurses say the Border Patrol is denying treatment for sick immigrant children in custody -
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez warned the U.S. is "headed to fascism" after her tour of facilities earlier this week -

Throwing in the towel. The White House admits defeat in their efforts to put a citizenship question on the 2020 Census -

Trump's taxes. House Democrats file a lawsuit against the Treasury Department and the IRS to obtain copies of Donald Trump's tax returns -

Immigration. A federal judge blocked an order from Attorney General William Barr to keep migrants detained while they wait for their asylum cases to be decided -

Trump's 4th of July

  • The National Park Service is diverting $2.5 million in funds that were supposed to pay for improvements at parks around the country to pay for President Trump's event. That money is just a fraction of the overall cost -
  • The Republican National Committee has been offering major donors tickets to President Donald Trump's speech on the 4th of July. Government ethics groups say the RNC's involvement inappropriately politicizes what is supposed to be a non-partisan event -
  • Not many networks are planning on carrying the full event live. Fox News will only air two hours, while MSNBC won't air any of the proceedings live -

Iran. President Hassan Rouhani warned Iran would increase its enrichment of uranium beyond the limits set by the 2015 nuclear agreement unless the U.S. backed off on economic sanctions. President Trump scrapped the deal after taking office -

Whoa! The Trump administration is threatening migrants who are not obeying deportation orders with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Immigrants who disobey the orders could face fines of up to $799 per day -


  • A new poll shows former vice president Joe Biden still leading the pack of Democrats seeking their party's presidential nomination -
  • President Trump's re-election campaign is worried the financial meltdown at the National Rifle Association will hurt them next year. In 2016, the NRA spent millions of dollars on ads benefiting Trump -

Wow! President Trump and the Republican National Committee announced they raised an eye-popping $105 million in the most recent fundraising quarter -

Weird. A visit to New Hampshire by Vice President Mike Pence was abruptly canceled on Tuesday, and nobody could offer a good explanation why -