Jeffrey Epstein arrest

  • The arrest of the billionaire financier on multiple counts of sex trafficking has rocked the political world because of his ties to high-profile Republicans and Democrats, including President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton [NYT].
  • The arrest is putting pressure on Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who gave Epstein a sweetheart plea deal in a similar case in Florida [WaPo].
  • There are growing calls for Acosta to step down or for Trump to fire him [Politico].
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has demanded Acosta's resignation following Epstein's arrest [Business Insider].

Census fight

  • Attorney General William Barr says he believes there's a legal path for including a citizenship question on the 2020 census despite the Supreme Court blocking its inclusion last month [AP].
  • Plaintiffs fighting efforts to include a citizenship question are trying to prevent the Justice Department from changing lawyers in the case [WaPo].
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the continued push to put a citizenship question on the census an effort to "make America white again" [CNN].


  • Attorney General William Barr says special counsel Robert Mueller's public testimony next week will be a "spectacle." He added the Justice Department would support Mueller if he did not want to appear before two House committees [AP].
  • More members of Congress admit they haven't read the full Mueller report [Politico].

The investigations

  • New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill allowing certain members of Congress to access President Trump's state tax returns [NBC News].
  • Congressional Democrats issued subpoenas to the Trump Organization and other businesses as part of a lawsuit accusing President Trump of profiting from foreign governments in violation of the Constitution [CNN].
  • A top deputy for former White House counsel Don McGahn refused to answer more than 200 questions from the House Judiciary Committee because she said the White House told her not to [Politico].

Trump vs. the UK. President Trump says he will no longer deal with the British ambassador who called him "inept" in a series of leaked memos [CNN].

Trump vs. Fox News. President Trump has grown increasingly critical of the network. Trump has groused to associates he is confused why the usually Trump-friendly outlet sometimes "goes negative" in their coverage of him. He has also said he believes Fox should remain "loyal" to him to counter coverage from other networks [AP].

  • Left-leaning media companies are on the rise ahead of the 2020 election [Axios].

2020. Elizabeth Warren posts a $19.1 million fundraising haul for the most recent quarter [NYT].

Prescription drugs. A federal judge has blocked a proposed Trump administration rule requiring pharmaceutical companies to include the prices of the medicine in TV ads [WaPo].

Super genius? President Trump has repeatedly called his admission to the Wharton Business School "super genius stuff." The admissions officer who interviewed him says he remembers it differently, and Trump used his family connections to help get in the school [WaPo].

So long Swalwell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye. Democrat Eric Swalwell is the first to drop out of the 2020 presidential race. Instead, he will run for another term in the House [CNN].