Aftermath of mass shootings. Trump explores executive action on guns (Politico). GOP-led states grapple with responses to shootings (Route Fifty). Trump, Democrats at odds over shootings’ causes, cures (The Hill). As Democrats blame Trump rhetoric for shootings, Wall Street Journal notes that Dayton, Ohio, shooter was an Elizabeth Warren supporter – but she should not be blamed.  

Market selloff.  Global stocks started off largely calm a day after the S&P fell nearly 3 percent (New York Times). Trade war becomes a currency war (Wall Street Journal). Treasury designates China as a currency manipulator (Politico).

2020 election. Dems sweat early state blunders as field is likely to shrink (Politico). Debate hype fails to create momentum for candidates; Biden still leads (Morning Consult). Texas faces turbulent political moment (The Hill).  

Newspaper business. Gatehouse newspaper chain buys Gannett, owner of USA Today, creating largest U.S. newspaper company (Politico).

Climate change. Young climate activists are pushing Democrats to the left (New York Times).

Impeachment. Democratic leaders seek to appease liberals demanding impeachment, while protecting vulnerable centrists (The Hill).

Voting security. Paperless voting devices are gaping weakness in U.S. election system (Politico).