Aftermath of mass shootings. McConnell faces pressure to bring Senate back for gun legislation (The Hill). ‘Red flag’ gun control bills pick up momentum with GOP in Congress (New York Times). Some useful steps to identify and deter dangerous individuals (Wall Street Journal opinion). Trump to visit Dayton & El Paso, creating mixed feelings (The Hill) (New York Times). Obama throws down challenge to Trump (The Hill).

Stock Market: U.S. and European stocks climb despite lingering trade worries (Wall Street Journal).

Trade Wars: Beijing digs in to outlast Washington and Trump (Wall Street Journal). U.S. collects $63 billion in Chinese tariffs through June (Wall Street Journal). Chinese crackdown in Hong Kong could be the end of  a trade deal (Wall Street Journal).

2020 election. Sanders, Warren gain on Biden in New Hampshire (The Hill). Warren has big operation and big crowds in early-voting Nevada (Politico). Booker’s strong debate performance shows no sign of moving voters (Politico). Some Democrats are frustrated with the news media (Politico). Trump remains underwater in critical battleground states (Morning Consult).

Obituary: Remembering Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison, who “bent language to her will” (New York Times).