Build the wall. President Donald Trump is directing aides to fast track billions of dollars of construction and seize private land to build his long-promised border wall [WaPo].

Trump's taxes. Deutsche Bank all but confirmed they have some of Donald Trump's tax returns and those of his family members. The House Financial Services and Intelligence committees subpoenaed the bank earlier this year seeking Trump's tax information [Politico].

Immigration. The Trump administration plans to shift more than $150 million from FEMA disaster relief to fund efforts to return some migrants to Mexico [NBC News].

2020. Wednesday is the deadline for Democratic presidential hopefuls to qualify for the September debate stage. So far, only 10 of the 22 candidates have cleared the bar for inclusion. Campaigns left out in the cold are lashing out at the DNC over their exclusion [Politico].

  • Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden says he would prefer a running mate who is "of color and/or a different gender" [WaPo].
  • Facebook says they will tighten disclosure requirements for buyers of political ads on the social media platform [Reuters].

For your radar. Republicans are worried about potentially losing the do-over election in a North Carolina congressional seat next month. President Donald Trump won the district by more than 11 points in 2016, but polling shows a very close race [Politico].

Abortion. A federal judge slapped down Missouri's ban on abortions after the eighth week of pregnancy [NYT].

Brexit. British PM Boris Johnson wants to delay the opening of Parliament to lessen the amount of time opponents of a no-deal Brexit have to oppose the move [WaPo].

Hmmm. Attorney General Willam Barr is spending $30,000 of his own money for a private holiday party at President Trump's Washington D.C. hotel [WaPo].

Oh, snap! The Alabama GOP approved a resolution calling for the expulsion of Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar from Congress for making allegedly anti-semitic remarks. Omar clapped back on Twitter saying "If you want to clean up politics, maybe don't nominate an accused child molester as your Senate candidate," referring to Roy Moore [HuffPo].

Opioid crisis. The Sackler family is offering to give up control of Purdue Pharma and pay $3 billion of their own money as part of a settlement to resolve thousands of lawsuits over the flood of opioid pain killers across the U.S. [NYT].

Watch out. China is using LinkedIn to contact thousands of foreign citizens to recruit spies [NYT].

North Korea. Satellite photos of a secret North Korean naval facility appear to show construction on a new nuclear submarine capable of launching nuclear missiles [NBC News].

Long time coming. The Cherokee Nation will send a delegate to Congress for the first time in history under terms of treaties negotiated with the U.S. in the 18th and 19th century [NYT].

Environment. President Trump pushes for more logging in Alaska's Tongass National Forest [WaPo].