President Donald Trump was so angry after China retaliated on trade he wanted to double tariffs. Aides enlisted several CEOs to warn Trump the move would have a devastating effect on the economy [CNBC].

Key data shows Trump's trade war with China is starting to affect the American companies he vowed to protect [New York Times].

The manufacturing sector in the U.S. contracted for the first time since 2016, boosting fears of a recession [Bloomberg].

Build the wall

The Trump administration is raiding $3.6 billion in funding for military construction projects for construction of Trump's long-promised border wall [Politico].


Walmart ends all handgun ammunition sales and asks customers not to carry firearms into stores [CNN].

Kroeger also asks customers not to openly carry guns in their stores [CNN].

Hurricane Dorian

The Bahamas begin the process of recovering from the "apocalyptic damage" after Hurricane Dorian pulverizes parts of that country [AP].


A North Carolina court ruled the state's legislative districts are unconstitutional as they overwhelmingly favor Republicans [WaPo].


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson loses control of Parliament as opposition parties moved to block his plan for a "no-deal" Brexit. Johnson called for snap elections [New York Times].

Hong Kong

Hong Kong's leader has withdrawn a bill allowing extradition to mainland China. The proposed measure sparked three months of protests [CNN].


President Trump "suggested" Vice President Mike Pence stay at Trump's Irish golf club during Pence's overseas visit [NBC News].


More than half of the country's state attorneys general are preparing to launch an antitrust investigation into Google's advertising practices [CNN].