Good news

U.S. and Chinese negotiators will return to the bargaining table next month to solve the trade war that is roiling the global economy [NYT].

Global stocks rallied on the news that the U.S. and China will resume trade talks [WSJ].

Hurricane Dorian

The storm has strengthened to a Category 3 as it aims at the Carolinas [AP].


Republicans are worried they're not paying enough attention to statehouse elections next year, which will give Democrats a decided advantage in the next round of redistricting [Politico].

Another top Republican in Congress is retiring. Wisconsin Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner is calling it quits in 2020 [Politico].

The number of Republican retirements from the House, 16 so far, is raising doubts that the GOP will regain control of that chamber of Congress next year [WaPo].


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he will bring gun legislation to the floor, but only if President Trump will sign it [Politico].

Walmart's new stance on guns may pay off for the company's bottom line according to a new poll [Business Insider].

San Francisco passed a resolution calling the NRA a "domestic terrorist organization" [WaPo].

For your radar

A federal judge ruled a government database of people who are known to be or suspected to be terrorists violates the rights of American citizens [NYT].

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

President Donald Trump showed a map of the path of Hurricane Dorian that had been altered with a marker to indicate the storm path heading toward Alabama. It appeared Trump was trying to cover up for his previous false claims that the storm was headed toward that state [ABC News].

President Trump was thoroughly roasted for changing the map to cover up for his debunked claim [WaPo].

Trouble for the Pentagon

American troops are getting fatter, which is prompting the Navy to eliminate fried food and sugary drinks on its ships [NYT].


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is attempting to call for a snap national election after Parliament blocked his plan to take Britain out of the European Union without a deal at the end of October [Reuters].


The Trump administration is rolling back energy efficiency standards for light bulbs [NYT].


The FBI is monitoring groups on the border protesting U.S. immigration policy. The agency is gathering intelligence from people involved in these organizations from their social media profiles and treating the groups as extremist organizations [Yahoo News].

A government watchdog group says the Trump administration failed to provide adequate mental health care to migrant children separated from their families [Axios].

Iowa Republican Steve King claims he drank water from a toilet fountain in a migrant detention center. He said the water was "actually pretty good" and caused him to "smack my lips" [WaPo].