End of impeachment

President Donald Trump celebrated his acquittal in the impeachment trial by lashing out at Democrats and Mitt Romney during an hour-long stream of consciousness event at the White House [Washington Post].

Trump also slammed Democrats and Romney at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier on Thursday [CNN].

Iowa chaos

The Associated Press says they are unable to declare a winner in the Iowa Caucuses after irregularities in the vote count marred the results [The Hill].

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is calling for a recanvass of the Iowa results [Bloomberg].


Democratic candidates debate Friday night ahead of next week's New Hampshire primary [New York Times].

FBI director Chris Wray warned that Russia is engaged in "information warfare" heading into the 2020 election [AP].

Mike Bloomberg's campaign plagiarized portions of at least eight of his policy plans from other sources [Intercept].


The Chinese doctor who tried to raise the alarm about the virus during the first days of the outbreak died Thursday [Washington Post].


The Treasury Department handed over sensitive financial information about Hunter Biden to Republicans in Congress after refusing to give Democrats President Trump's tax returns [Huffington Post].


Scientists say bumblebees are dying across North America and Europe because of a warming climate [Washington Post].