President Donald Trump's comeback rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma fizzled on Saturday as only 6,200 people showed up. The president was reportedly shocked at the number of empty seats in the arena, leading Republicans to worry that his re-election campaign may be in trouble [NYT].

During his speech, Trump said he asked officials to slow down testing for the coronavirus in order to keep the number of cases low. The White House later tried to claim Trump's admission was a joke [WaPo].

Much of the blame for the debacle is falling on the shoulders of campaign manager Brad Parscale. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are reportedly "pissed" at Parscale, who claimed more than a million people requested tickets for the event [CNN].

Teenagers on the social media app TikTok are claiming they were responsible for the disappointing turnout by requesting thousands of tickets [NBC News].

Saturday night massacre

There was a tense standoff between Attorney General William Barr and Geoffrey Berman, the chief federal prosecutor in New York. Barr initially said Berman was stepping down. Berman claimed he did not offer his resignation, but then agreed to leave the post after Barr said he asked President Trump to fire Berman [Bloomberg].


Nearly half of U.S. states are reporting a rise in the number of coronavirus cases [CNN].

The World Health Organization says Sunday saw the largest single-day increase in the number of cases worldwide [AP].


The number of home mortgage delinquencies in the U.S. hits the highest level since 2011 [Bloomberg].


The Supreme Court is set to deliver its first major ruling on abortion rights in the Trump era this week [The Hill].