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Which is it?

President Trump said in an interview Monday that he believes widespread testing for the coronavirus puts the U.S. "at a disadvantage." He also said he suggested conducting fewer tests. The admission comes after White House officials furiously tried to downplay Trump's remarks on Saturday that he told his administration to slow down on testing to make the U.S. look better [CNN].

Oversight clash

The House Judiciary Committee plans to issue a subpoena for Attorney General William Barr following the firing of Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York [Axios].


President Trump signed an executive order banning some legal immigration for 60 days due to the coronavirus [Axios].

Trump is also suspending some visas for foreign workers [BuzzFeed].


Experts are warning of "danger signs" as the number of coronavirus cases are increasing dramatically in several states [CNN].

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot said Monday he is concerned the coronavirus is spreading in his state at an "unacceptable rate" [Axios].


President Trump spent part of Monday morning attacking mail-in balloting on Twitter [Bloomberg].

Barring a landslide victory, we probably won't know who wins the presidential race on election night in November [WaPo].


The University of Michigan is reportedly withdrawing from hosting a presidential debate this fall over worries about bringing campaigns and the media to campus during a pandemic [Detroit Free Press].

Oh, dear...

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen reportedly voted by mail in Indiana's primary election suing an address they have not lived at since 2016 [Business Insider].

Chopping the CHOP

Seattle's mayor has told protesters to leave the Captiol Hill neighborhood they have established as a police-free autonomous zone [CNN].


Existing home sales plunged 9.7% last month [AP].

Social media

A number of big companies are pulling advertising dollars from Facebook to protest the social network's content moderation policies [Reuters].


Major League Baseball will unilaterally announce a 60 game schedule after the players' union rejected the latest offer from the owners [AP].