"Disturbing surge"

Dr. Anthony Fauci told Congress that parts of the U.S. are beginning to see a "disturbing surge" in the number of coronavirus cases. He also predicted a vaccine for the virus will be available by early next year [CNBC].

At the current rate of infection, the number of cases in the U.S. doubles approximately every 60 days [Twitter].

Research suggests the massive Black Lives Matter protests did not lead to a spike in the number of coronavirus cases [CNN].


A federal prosecutor will tell a Congressional hearing on Wednesday that Attorney General William Barr pressured the Justice Department to cut President Trump associate Roger Stone a break. The expectation was Stone would be treated "differently and more leniently" because of his "relationship with the President" [WaPo].

Trump in Arizona

President Donald Trump visited Yuma Arizona on Tuesday to inspect a new section of his border wall, saying the structure "stopped COVID" [Al Jazerra].

Travel ban

The European Union is considering blocking visitors from the U.S. because of the severe coronavirus outbreak here [CNN].

Social media

Twitter again slapped a warning on a tweet from President Trump threatening "serious force" against protesters in Washington, D.C. [Reuters].

Twitter permanently banned pro-Trump meme maker Carpe Donktum due to repeated copyright violations [Fox News].


President Trump says he supports another round of direct stimulus payments to Americans, but congressional Republicans remain skeptical of the idea [WaPo].

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the U.S. may emerge from the current recession by the end of the year [Bloomberg].

Job losses for women from the coronavirus hit women disproportionately harder than their male counterparts [NWLC].

2020 elections

Presumptive Democratic Nominee Joe Biden has opened up a 14-point lead nationally over President Trump according to a new poll [NYT].

President Trump's chances of winning another term are being tamped down by economic problems as late-term recessions usually signal a loss for an incumbent [Bloomberg].

President Trump's perfect endorsement streak came to an end Tuesday night as two Trump-backed Republicans lost to challengers in Kentucky and North Carolina [AP].

Trump's campaign is trying to flush Joe Biden into open confrontation by challenging him to more debates and taunting him as "Hidin' Biden" [Axios].


Baseball is set to begin a 60-game season in late July after owners and players were able to come to an agreement [NBC News].