Russian bounties

Despite denials from the White House that President Donald Trump knew about the Russian operation offering bounties for the killing of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, the information was provided to Trump in the President's Daily Brief in February [NYT].

Intelligence sources say top officials in the White House were aware that Russia was secretly offering bounties for the deaths of Americans in early 2019, a full year earlier than previously reported [AP].

The White House claims there was no consensus within the intelligence community about the veracity of the information on Russian bounties [Bloomberg].


President Trump was so unprepared for phone calls with other heads of state that some senior U.S. officials were convinced that Trump posed a danger to U.S. national security [CNN].


The Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law placing restrictions on doctors who perform abortions, disappointing anti-abortion activists [Reuters].


The World Health Organization is warning the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is "yet to come" [CBS News].

Arizona orders the closure of bars, gyms and other businesses after a massive spike in the number of cases in that state [CNN].

Jacksonville, Florida, the site of the Republican National Convention, is requiring face masks in public [CNN].

Broadway shows will remain closed through the end of 2020 [Playbill].

Uh oh...

Chinese researchers have discovered a new strain of swine flu that can be transmitted to humans. They say the virus has "pandemic potential" [The Guardian].

Intelligence committee

Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee have been skipping meetings for months. Democrats call it a boycott, but the Republicans say they object to classified information being shared in online meetings [Politico].

Missed calls

President Trump's Sunday morning retweet of a video showing one of his supporters saying "white power" set off a "five-alarm fire" in the White House because advisers could not reach him to remove the offending post. Trump was reportedly unavailable for more than three hours because he was golfing and had put down his phone [NBC News].

Online crackdown

Reddit banned several communities, including the largest pro-Donald Trump site as well as a large group dedicated to the socialist Chapo Trap House podcast, for violating the platform's rules on hate speech [NBC News].

YouTube permanently banned several prominent white supremacists, including Stefan Molyneux, David Duke and Richard Spencer [CNN].

Streaming platform Twitch temporarily banned a channel operated by Donald Trump's re-election campaign for "hateful content", including a rebroadcast of his 2015 campaign kick off rally where he called Mexican's "rapists" [The Verge].

Facebook continues to hemorrhage advertisers as the social media network is facing a boycott to pressure the company to do more to stop the spread of hate speech on the platform [CNBC].

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Iran issued an arrest warrant for President Trump and dozens of other Americans for their role in a drone strike that killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad. Interpol declined Iran's request for their help in enforcing the warrant [Al Jazerra].