The Trump administration is trying to block billions of dollars for more coronavirus testing and contact tracing [WaPo].

Trump's interview

President Donald Trump sat down with Fox News' Chris Wallace for a lengthy interview on Sunday. Trump defended his administration's mismanagement of the coronavirus response with several falsehoods and made other dubious claims [WaPo].

Wallace was cheered for his grilling of the president by many, but Fox News fans were not happy with the exchange [Market Watch].

Another stimulus bill

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows says negotiations on the next stimulus bill will begin "in earnest" on Monday [Bloomberg].

Several swing-state senators are feeling pressure to approve another stimulus package [WaPo].

Millions of workers are facing the end of the extra $600 per week unemployment benefits unless lawmakers are able to agree on an extension [WSJ].

Coronavirus response

Republicans are beginning to break ranks with President Trump as the crisis begins to escalate in several states [NYT].


Dr. Deborah Birx, the chief medical officer on the White House coronavirus task force, told the White House the virus would decline rapidly in April. That wrong prediction led to the mid-April push to reopen the country [NYT].


Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis passed away on Friday [Politico].


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg said Friday her cancer has returned, but she has no plans to retire [AP].


A number of U.S. companies are losing hope that the economy will turn around quickly [WSJ].

2020 election

A new poll gives Joe Biden a double-digit lead over Donald Trump [WaPo].

Biden is coming under increasing pressure to name a black woman as his running mate [WaPo].

Biden's campaign is considering how to woo Republican voters in November while Trump's campaign is focusing on their base [AP].


President Trump and the mayor of Portland are blaming each other for more unrest in the city [CNN].

Right-wing media is painting a picture of Portland that is divorced from the truth [Oregonian].

For your radar

The Trump administration is reportedly considering enacting new federal policies without legal authority. Lawyers argue a recent Supreme Court ruling gives them the authority to do so [Axios].


The Toronto Blue Jays have been barred by Canada from playing games in their home city this season because the government does not believe it's safe for players to travel back and forth from the United States [AP].