Stimulus negotiations

President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are at odds over key parts of the next fiscal stimulus package [Politico].

Republicans are likely to tie coronavirus aid to the states to schools reopening [WaPo].

Economists say the next stimulus bill must be at least $1 trillion or the U.S. could head off a fiscal cliff [Bloomberg].

Coronavirus latest

Three vaccine developers are reporting promising results for a potential vaccine against coronavirus [NYT].

A surge in the number of cases is overwhelming labs and delaying results. Labs are racing to ramp up their capacity [CNN].

White House briefings resume Tuesday

President Trump says he's bringing back regular coronavirus briefings from the White House [CNN].

President Trump called wearing masks "patriotic" after refusing to wear one for months [CNBC].

2020 warning

Democrats in Congress are demanding the FBI brief all lawmakers about a "foreign influence campaign" targeting lawmakers. The FBI is warning that Sen. Ron Johnson's probe into allegations against Hunter Biden is an effort to "launder" disinformation ahead of the 2020 election [Politico].

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden says he is receiving intelligence briefings and is warning of Russian interference ahead of the 2020 election [Bloomberg].


President Trump says he will send federal law enforcement forces to more cities, including Chicago, to counter unrest [NYT].

The presence of unidentified federal agents in Portland is raising red flags among state and local leaders [AP].

Won't wait

Republicans in Congress said they would move quickly to fill a Supreme Court vacancy this year, even if it happens after the November election [CNN].