Coronavirus stimulus

Senate Republicans and the White House say they have reached an agreement on a number of elements of the next coronavirus relief package [Reuters].

Congress may extend the $600 in extra unemployment benefits for a short period in order to buy more time to negotiate the stimulus bill [Forbes].


The U.S. government cut a $1.95 billion dollar deal with Pfizer to provide 600 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year [NYT].

When will a vaccine be available? [Bloomberg].

Wealth transfer

President Donald Trump moved millions of dollars from his campaign donors to his private businesses [Forbes].


The economic recovery may be slowing as a new survey shows the number of Americans currently employed dropping markedly in the last month [Bloomberg].

Cities in the U.S. will lose $1.5 trillion in economic activity this year according to a new estimate [CNN].

Sales of existing homes jumped more than 20 percent last month, but its still below pre-pandemic levels [AP].

Civic unrest

President Trump announced a "surge" of federal law enforcement officers into more cities including Chicago and Albuquerque [Axios].

The mayor of Portland was tear-gassed by federal agents during another night of protests in that city [AP].

The government dispatched 114 federal officers to Portland as part of "Operation Diligent Valor" to protect U.S. government buildings from vandals [Politico].

About that test

President Trump can't stop talking about passing a cognitive test, but experts say that's nothing to brag about [WaPo].

Race for 2020

Democratic nominee Joe Biden called Donald Trump America's first "racist" president [WaPo].

Statue fight

The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to remove Confederate statues from the U.S. Capitol [The Hill].