Stimulus bill

Senate Republicans plan to release their latest stimulus bill proposal Monday afternoon. They originally planned to unveil the bill last week, so don't hold your breath. 

  • Congress might need to rush a smaller relief package in order to make sure the extended unemployment benefits don't lapse [WaPo].
  • Republicans want to include an extended unemployment benefit plan to replace 70 percent of an unemployed person's lost wages [Bloomberg].
  • The White House is pushing to scale back the size of the stimulus proposal. Senate Republicans are targeting $1 trillion in relief, but the White House is pushing for a more modest amount [CNN].
  • The bill will also include another round of $1,200 stimulus checks [CNN].


Florida is the new epicenter for the virus as the state has more cases than New York and California [CNBC].

Experts are finding it more difficult to predict when coronavirus cases will peak [NBC News].

China reported its biggest spike in cases since the end of the initial outbreak in Wuhan [Bloomberg].


A survey from Yelp says 60 percent of restaurants that have closed due to the coronavirus pandemic will not open again [CNN].

2020 election

We are less than 100 days to the 2020 election. Both Republicans and Democrats are worried the vote will be disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic [The Hill].

Donald Trump wants to rev up his base by releasing his list of possible Supreme Court nominees, but his advisers say he needs to pare back the list [Politico].

A new poll shows Joe Biden leading Trump by 9 points in the crucial swing state of North Carolina [NBC News].

Biden is reportedly having difficulty finding a potential running mate who meshes with his leadership style [Politico].

Say what?

Sen. Tom Cotton called slavery a "necessary evil" while arguing against the use of The New York Times 1619 project in classrooms. Cotton introduced a bill last week to cut funding for schools that adopt a curriculum based on the paper's reporting [Arkansas Democrat Gazette].

Civil unrest

Police declared a riot at protests in Seattle and Portland over the weekend [AP]

Hurricane season

Hurricane Hanna made landfall in Texas on Sunday [Dallas Morning News].


The U.S. Department of Energy wants to build a quantum internet that is virtually unhackable [CNET].