Coronavirus relief stalls

Congress is nowhere near a deal on another COVID stimulus, which means expanded unemployment benefits for millions of Americans are set to expire [Politico].

Can't do that...

President Donald Trump suggested on Twitter that the U.S. should delay the November election. Trump doesn't have the authority to postpone the election [Bloomberg].

Republicans rejected Trump's suggestion to delay the election [Politico].

2020 election

Donald Trump's re-election campaign hits pause on their campaign advertising to review their messaging strategy [CNN].

Former President Barack Obama unleashed on President Trump during fundraising events, warning against Trump's efforts to push "native, racist, sexist" fears and bringing up past allegations of sexual assault involving Trump [NYT].

Flynn again

A federal appeals court will revisit an earlier decision allowing the Department of Justice to drop criminal charges against former national security adviser Michael Flynn [NYT].


Republican Rep. Devin Nunes refused to answer when directly asked whether he has been given foreign information meant to damage Joe Biden, according to a transcript of a closed-door committee meeting [CNN].

Chilling story

The Department of Homeland Security compiled "intelligence reports" on journalists who published leaked documents and covered the protests in Portland [WaPo].


Public health experts are calling for urgent new measures to halt the spread of the coronavirus, which is harming the U.S. economy [WaPo].

The U.S. economy posted its worst drop on record as GDP fell nearly 33 percent in the last quarter [CNN].

Poverty in the U.S. could spike next year without a new stimulus and extended unemployment benefits [Bloomberg].

Unemployment claims rose for the second straight week. 1.4 million filed initial claims last week [CNN].


Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain died Thursday from coronavirus complications [Fox News].

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government delayed legislative council elections for a year because of the coronavirus pandemic [WaPo].