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Wow! Nearly one-fifth of Utahns say they plan on traveling north or east to see the total eclipse of the Sun on Aug. 21, a poll finds.

If they really do head for Idaho, expect one heck of a big traffic jam.

Total eclipses are rare over populated areas, and it’s clear many Utahns don’t want to miss this one.


While there will be a partial eclipse in Salt Lake City, because of the power of the sun it won’t be anywhere as impactful as underneath the total eclipse.

Pollster Dan Jones & Associates finds:

Here are some interesting demographics:

That’s more than a third of that age group.

Men are going more than women.

And here is an interesting one:

What can we read into this?

Religion vs. science? Anything?

And 16 percent of those who say they are “very conservative” politically are going to see it, 17 percent of the “very liberals” are going.

But 26 percent of the “moderates” plan on traveling to see the total eclipse.

You can figure that one out yourself.

Jones polled 607 adults from May 31 to June 5. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.98 percent.

And don’t forget your special viewing glasses – we want no eye damage for Utahns looking directly at the sun.