No surprise here. Our "Political Insiders" expect Republican John Curtis to win handily on Tuesday.

We asked our "Insiders" and readers to call their shot for Tuesday's election. 

  • 96% of the Republicans who responded said Curtis would win, while 4% picked United Utah candidate Jim Bennett. No Republicans thought Democrat Kathie Allen or any of the other candidates would win.

  • 79% of the Democrats who took part in our survey thought Curtis would be victorious on Tuesday. 21% said Allen would pull the upset.

  • 83% of our readers said Curtis would win.

We then asked our panel to predict what percentage of the vote each candidate would get on Tuesday.

  • Republicans, Democrats and our readers thought Curtis would win a clean majority of the vote. On average, Republicans thought he would get 61%, while Democrats only thought he would get 53%.

  • None of our groups thought Democrat Kathie Allen would get more than 30% of the vote.

  • On average, our panel predicted United Utah Party candidate Jim Bennett would get between 10 and 15%.


Selected anonymous comments:

The redistricting was too good. This election was over before it began, which is the whole point behind partisan redistricting.

Why vote for Allen at all? Bennett is a better moderate than Curtis. Buckman is a better conservative followed by Whalen. Curtis gets 2nd mostly with votes from Democrats. Bennett wins.

The only winner here is the GOP establishment of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. This is the first time in my entire life I have supported a Democrat.

Having an "R" after your name is just about a guarantee in that district.

2010 redistricting made it impossible for anyone but a Republican to win in CD 3. If the Republican candidate is an ax murderer or openly brags about sexually assaulting women, it might make a difference, but not much.

Curtis wins going away with a smile on his face and his shirttail carefully untucked!

Mr. Curtis is a good, moderate candidate and has connected with voters. Dr. Allen tried to present herself as non-partisan, but she appears to be just another partisan Democratic hack. I award Sean Whalen 2 pts. for creativity.

It will depend on Republican voter turnout. Currently, the voter turnout is low in Salt Lake and Utah Counties, where the majority of the 3rd congressional district is. Depending on which voters vote, will determine the winner. Republicans that don't want Curtis appear to be NOT voting, which may impact the outcome.

Anyone saying that John Curtis will lose is lying to themselves. The only question is whether he will get more or less than 70% of the vote.

I'm a Democrat, but know Kathie Allen has no chance in hell of winning. Also, I think that in reality, Jim Bennett would represent this district most accurately.

Curtis will win. Jim Bennett is a force to be reckoned with in the future. The Democrat Party needs to get serious. For the

Low turnout already being reported; not enough Dems for Allen to win and Bennett might have had a decent shot at second place had UUP been a thing since March. I wager he or his party do a little better in 2018.

Politics is like the super bowl. There are two teams. What is Bennett? The ref or the halftime show? Anything less than McMullin got should be embarrassing. It's going to be a fun parlor game among people to cowardly to put their name on the ballot to speculate how weak Curtis is, but he won a brutal Republican primary while being outspent and now will have unlimited resources and house leadership behind him.

Curtis is the chosen one so he will win but wouldn't be delicious if Jim Bennett won?

This election was decided after the Republican primary.

No reason to turn on the TV or check the internet news pages for this race. It’s a done deal. Mr. Curtis is going to Washington.