Well, it's looking more and more like Mitt Romney is getting ready to run for Utah's open Senate seat following Sen. Orrin Hatch's retirement.

Within hours of Hatch's announcement that he was going to retire at the end of 2018, Romney changed the location on his Twitter handle from Massachusetts to Utah. 

20180102 Romney Twitter

From Bloomberg:

As of 3:12 p.m. East Coast time, it read "Massachusetts," where Romney formerly served as governor. By 5:45 p.m., it was tweaked to Holladay, Utah. 


The change -- which was made after Twitter users noted that he still listed his location as Massachusetts -- is a sign that Romney may be considering running for Hatch’s seat and wants to quash questions about his residency.


"I join the people of Utah in thanking my friend, Senator Orrin Hatch for his more than forty years of service to our great state and nation," Romney said in a statement posted to Facebook Tuesday afternoon. "As Chairman of the Senate Finance and Judiciary Committees and as the longest-serving Republican Senator in U.S. history, Senator Hatch has represented the interests of Utah with distinction and honor."