On Friday, the LDS Church issued a legal analysis of the proposed ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana in Utah, citing 31 "legal issues" with the proposal. 

The analysis, from Kirton McConkie, "raises grave concerns" about the initiative according to a statement from the LDS Church, and could lead to "serious adverse consequences."

The analysis concludes the initiative will allow some people to grown their own marijuana, will allow dispensaries to give free samples to prescription holders, does not require a person to get a prescription from a doctor. the Church also notes that the possession and cultivation of marijuana is a federal crime.

A coalition of groups, including the Utah Medical Association, have been paying canvassers to get Utahns to remove their names from the ballot initiative. Those groups also claim that backers of the medical marijuana proposal have been offering cash for completed signature-removal forms to prevent them from being turned in, which is the subject of a complaint they filed with the Utah Elections Office. At the same time, the Utah Patients Coalition, which is behind the medical marijuana proposal, is threatening to file a lawsuit against opponents for "deceptive" practices to keep the proposal from reaching the ballot.

Last month, Gov. Gary Herbert announced he was opposed to the medical cannabis proposal and would work to keep it from passing in November.

Opponents of the ballot initiative have until Tuesday to turn in signature-removal forms. The Utah Elections Office will certify citizen petitions for inclusion on the November ballot on June 1.