20190110 Chaffetz Dobbs


Fox News commentator, and potential 2020 Utah gubernatorial candidate, Jason Chaffetz was in a feisty mood on Thursday night, mocking Democrats over their objection to President Donald Trump's promised border wall.

"Every time a Democrat says I could beat that wall with a ladder, I say go ahead, let's see you do it. Let's see one member of the House or Senate scale that wall with a ladder. I dare them," said Chaffetz on Lou Dobbs' Fox Business program.

Chaffetz said President Trump needs to "keep beating the drum" on the need for the wall because he's winning the argument in the court of public opinion. However, Chaffetz believes Trump may eventually have to declare a national emergency to get the money for his border wall.

"I think the president will prevail. I wholeheartedly support him. I want Democrats to daily tell the American people they are not in favor of border security. If Nancy Pelosi thinks the wall is so immoral, introduce a bill to get rid of the 600 miles of border wall we currently have! She won't do it."

Watch the clip below.