20190115 Chaffetz Fox


Two former members of Congress from Utah applauded House Republicans for punishing Iowa Rep. Steve King over racist comments.

Jason Chaffetz, now a Fox News commentator, said House Republicans stripping King of his committee assignments is an extremely harsh punishment, but it's the right thing to do.

"I'm proud of the fact that Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans did the politically difficult thing," said Chaffetz. 

But, keeping with form, Chaffetz used the King situation to take a shot at Democrats.

"Democrats are best to let Republicans police their own. When the Democrats step out of line, they better do the same kind of thing," he said.


Mia Love, who was recently hired as a commentator by CNN, said her former colleagues in the House would constantly cringe at King's racially charged comments.

"There are so many people who would cringe, that would say how is he getting elected?" said Love. "

Love added it was high time for the Republicans to take action on King.

"I think better late than never. I think the conference is, at this point saying, this is way too much. We can't continue to do this," she said.



Sen. Mitt Romney and Rep. Chris Stewart called for King to resign on Monday.