20190222 Stewart Fox

Rep. Chris Stewart had some harsh words for Congressional Democrats and the plan to vote on a resolution to block President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

Stewart said on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the "worst spokesman" Democrats could have on this issue because she is not serious about border security.

"A year ago we were trying to get millions for border security, and her response was always 'not one penny.' Now she is so hypercritical of the president for doing what he desperately thinks is necessary for the security of the border," he said.

Stewart says he's not sure Trump's emergency declaration is legal, but he is critical of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for holding President Trump to a different standard than he held President Obama.

"It worries me that he did a declaration here, and I'm not convinced he has the authority to do it. There are actually some very intelligence constitutional scholars and their opinions on this are split," he said. "Mr. Schumer is crying some enormous crocodile tears when he is critical of this president but entirely supportive of President Obama for something that was more clearly outside of his authority."

Watch the clip below via Fox News.