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Sen. Mitt Romney says calls by President Donald Trump to reveal the identity of the anonymous whistleblower who touched off the current impeachment inquiry are "misdirected."

Trump has tweeted several times calling for the identity of the whistleblower to be revealed. On Monday night during an election rally in Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul called on the media to print the whistleblower's name. Politico reports Paul later threatened to make the whistleblower's name public himself. 

Romney said that move by Paul would be inappropriate.

"Whistleblowers should be entitled to confidentiality and privacy, because they play a vital function in our democracy," said Romney.

Later, when speaking with CNN, he said attacks on the whistleblower are inappropriate.

"They should remain confidential, and they have a right to be private," said Romney. "Then the determination has to be made whether the whistleblower was speaking the facts or not. Going after the whistleblower, I think, is misdirected."

Many of the concerns raised by the whistleblower about President Trump's efforts to get Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political rivals have been corroborated by other reporting and witness testimony to House investigators in the impeachment inquiry.

Watch the clip below via CNN: