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Utah Foundation releases Lines in the Sand: A Primer on Redistricting in Utah, along with an interactive redistricting tool to help voters and policymakers further understand redistricting and the challenges surrounding the process. 

Tomorrow, April 1, is officially Census Day. Every 10 years, as laid out in the Constitution, the U.S. apportions representatives among the states based on where residents live as of April 1.  In turn, each state determines the district boundaries of the apportioned representatives. Utahns in 2018 passed Proposition 4, a ballot initiative creating an Independent Redistricting Commission to help determine district boundaries for Congressional, legislative and state school board districts. During the 2020 General Session, the Utah Legislature passed a bill replacing the language from the proposition.

Utah Foundation President Peter Reichard said Lines in the Sand and the accompanying interactive tool will help citizens better understand the challenges ahead. “Redistricting is not as easy as it might seem,” Reichard said. “We invite Utahns to go online, review the new provisions for redistricting and use the online tool to try their own hand at it.”

Lines in the Sand: A Primer on Redistricting in Utah is available, along with the interactive redistricting tool, on the Utah Foundation website at www.utahfoundation.org.