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More than half of Utah voters say the country is “out of control,” no doubt worried about the coronavirus, the economy and political divides across the nation, a new 2News survey shows.

While half of all Utahns are clearly worried about how the United States is doing these days, at least voters in the Beehive State are not as worried as the nation as a whole.

A recent NBC News survey showed that 80 percent of Americans say the country is “out of control.” Only 15 percent said things are “under control” in the country.

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In the Utah survey, Y2 Analytics offered a third option to respondents: “Some of both” -- both that some things are out of control, and other things are under control in the country. NBC didn’t have that option.

Still, it is fair to look at comparing the number of Utah voters who said things are “out of control” in the country (51 percent), and the number of Americans who believe things are “out of control” in the nation (80 percent).

Only 3 percent of Utahns say things in the country are “under control.” That, of course, is a very small number.

Y2 found that 45 percent said there are sections of America that are both under control, and out of control, at the same time.

Across a whole spectrum of Y2 polling over the last six months for the online political newsletter and the leading TV new station in the state, we’ve seen Utah women more worried and dissatisfied than Utah men.

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And the “out of control” question results show the same thing:

45 percent of men say things are “out of control” in America at this time.

But 57 percent of female Utahns say things are “out of control” across the nation -- a significant 12 percentage point difference.

Since President Donald Trump is a Republican -- and he’s running things in the nation’s capital, it would make sense that Utah Republicans feel better about the nation’s situation than do political independents and Democrats.

And that is the case, Y2 finds:

Only 36 percent of “strong” Republicans say the nation is moving out of control, with 60 percent saying there is “some of both” things out of control, and under control. Only 4 percent of “strong” Republicans said things are “under control.”

Among independents, 51 percent said “out of control,” 48 percent “some of both,” while zero percent said things are “under control.’

“Strong” Democrats see things differently; 78 percent said things in the nation are “out of control;” only 22 percent said “some of both;” while zero percent said things are “under control.”

Clearly, with 80 percent of Americans saying things are “out of control,” that can’t be good for Trump’s re-election bid, now about five months away.

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In fact, a recent Y2 poll found that in very red Utah, Trump is only 3 percentage points ahead of the Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden.

And Y2 also finds Trump’s approval rating underwater here, more Utahns disapproving of the president’s actions than approve of him.

While GOP Gov. Gary Herbert has moved most of the state into the “yellow” category -- caution, but opening up society and the economy -- the number of Utah coronavirus cases is climbing, doubling the daily numbers of several weeks ago.

This has led Utah’s top coronavirus-fighting doctor to recommend that if the state’s daily rolling average of new coronavirus cases doesn’t drop down to around to 200 come July 1 -- more than half of what we’re seeing each day -- Dr. Angela Dunn says Herbert should move much of the state back to “orange” -- which calls on most folks to stay home to stay safe.

This, of course, would be bad news for Herbert’s endorsed GOP governor’s candidate -- Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox -- whom Herbert put in charge of the state’s coronavirus fight. Cox has already been heavily criticized by his three GOP opponents over certain aspects of Herbert’s closing down the state in March, April and early May.

Oddly enough, Dunn says the decision from Herbert should come on July 1, and the GOP gubernatorial primary is June 30.

Herbert clearly wanted to move the large-population Wasatch Front counties to “smart green,” several weeks ago, but held off as virus outbreaks started climbing quickly.

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