Pence Mask 01

Gov. Gary Herbert reportedly asked Vice President Mike Pence to do more to encourage the wearing of masks in public during a phone call on Friday.

The Hill reports that Herbert and New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan brought up the Trump administration's messaging on wearing masks in public as the number of Covid-19 cases continues to climb, especially in states that have taken steps to restart their economies. 

The Hill, citing unnamed sources, said Herbert and Lujan did not ask for a national mandate on mask-wearing but wanted the Trump administration to take a more unified approach to the practice. President Trump refuses to wear a mask in public, but Pence wore one during his weekend visit to Dallas. Pence also urged Americans to wear a mask "wherever it's indicated."

Gov. Herbert's office confirmed he encouraged Pence to focus more on mask-wearing as a preventative measure. They also said Herbert's entreaties were well received by the Vice President. 

Herbert has encouraged Utahns to wear a mask as Utah is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of cases. However, he won't mandate the wearing statewide. Last week, Herbert granted permission to Salt Lake and Summit Counties to mandate the wearing of masks in public. 

Top Republicans in Washington broke with the Trump administration on Monday over whether to wear a mask in public. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said publicly that Americans should wear a face covering to protect themselves and others.