Utah Policy regularly profiles policymakers from across the state. In this edition we profile Utah Representative Dailey-Provost, Democrat, District 24 in Salt Lake County.

What is your occupation? Research assistant, PhD student in Public Health.

What is your educational background? BS, Marketing - U of U; MBA - Westminster College.

Where did you grow up? Pocatello, ID.

Can you describe a fond memory? Spending my childhood exploring our farm and surrounding land, wandering for miles. Summers camping in central Idaho.

What was your childhood ambition? To be a physician.

What is the makeup of your family? Husband, three daughters, dog, cat, two chinchillas.

Why politics? It's an incredible opportunity to create positive change in our world.

Describe your perfect day: Going for a run, reading, knitting, spending time with my husband and kids.

What are your hobbies? Running, skiing, reading, knitting, hiking.

What was your first job? Bussing tables in a restaurant.

What are your current motivations? Helping my kids thrive during difficult times.

What lessons were taught to you by your mother? To those whom much is given, much is expected.

Hottest issues I'm watching: Healthcare, the pandemic, saving lives and preserving long-term health, ensuring that everyone has their best chance to succeed and thrive.

What is the biggest challenge in public life: Sacrificing family time.

What is your biggest accomplishment? My kids.

What time does your alarm clock go off? 5:30.

What is your proudest moment? Watching my kids act with kindness and compassion.

What is your philosophy of government: To create opportunity and fairness in spaces that cannot or should not be addressed by private interests.

Why my political party? The focus on ensuring that every person has the opportunity to live with health, happiness, and safety.

What songs are on your favorite playlist? Enjoy the Silence, Plowed, Vasoline, Eine Klein Nachtmusik, anything Silversun Pickups.

What is your personal motto? To those whom much is given, much is expected.

What is your most embarrassing moment? Scoring a soccer goal for the other team.

Who is your inspiration? Madeleine Albright.

What is your favorite retreat? Skiing.

What is your favorite book? Pride and Prejudice.

What is your favorite website? https://ravelry.com

What is your indulgence or guilty pleasure? Potato chips and fried chicken.

Who do you consider a mentor? Rebecca Chavez-Houck.

Who do you admire most in the world? My husband and my daughters.

A small insight into my psych: I'll always worry that I'm not smart enough or that I didn't work quite hard enough.

My farewell message to the world: Never miss an opportunity to do something kind for a stranger. And be kind to yourself. Make the world a better place.

My district is cool because: It's diverse and interesting and enlightened - and full of kind people.

I like serving in the Legislature because: It's a really cool way to do important work - work that makes a real difference in people's lives.

Running for political office is: The hardest thing I've ever done.

A historical figure I would like to take to lunch: Shirley Chisholm.

What is your favorite sports team? LSU Tigers, Utah Utes (both football), Green Bay Packers.

What is/was your favorite pet? Hazel the kitty.

I always laugh at: Dad jokes.

My desk is: In three different places.

The biggest issues ahead in the 2021 session? Coronavirus, homelessness, the opioid crisis, housing stability, education funding.

My priorities for the 2021 session? Same as above.

Anything else you'd like to share: I'm privileged for the opportunity to serve. Thank you!