Most Utahns give the 2015 Legislature a passing grade.
Our latest survey finds 64% say lawmakers earned either a "B" or "C" grade for their work during the session that ended in March. Just 5% thought legislators were worthy of an "A" grade while 12% gave them a failing mark.

No surprise here. Republican voters were mostly pleased with the GOP-dominated legislature. 49% gave them a "B" grade while another 8% put them at the top of the class with an "A." 
3/4 of Democrats said lawmakers earned a "C" grade or below. A quarter gave the 2015 legislature a failing grade.
Independent voters tended toward the lower-end of the grading scale, with a majority giving lawmakers a "C" grade or below for their efforts.
Even though lawmakers did not get anything done on Medicaid expansion, very few gave lawmakers an "incomplete" for the session. Just 7% overall picked an "incomplete" grade while 5% of Republicans, 9% of Democrats and 9% of independents agreed.
Despite lawmakers raising gasoline and property taxes, conservative voters tended to give the legislature high marks for their work this year. 
57% of self-described "very conservative" voters gave a final grade of an "A" or "B," while 58% of those who are "somewhat conservative" picked one of the top two grades. 63% of political moderates gave a "B" or a "C," as did 51% of those who are "somewhat liberal." 66% of the "very liberal" gave lawmakers a "D" or an "F."
The survey was conducted for by Dan Jones and Associates from March 30 to April 7, 2015. 601 registered Utah voters were contacted via telephone and online methods. It has a margin of error of +/- 4.0%.