Bob Bernick's Notebook: Setting the Stage for Biskupski
Congratulations to Jackie Biskupski, now officially the new Salt Lake City mayor.
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Another Chapter in Medicaid Expansion
Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes seemed adamant: Those Utah health care industry segments benefiting from new patients – and thus new...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Plurality Conditionality
With a federal judge refusing to issue an injunction against SB54 and the Utah Republican Party delegates changing their bylaws to abide...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Journeying to the Hinterlands
Who says how the Utah Legislature operates doesn’t change for the better over time.
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Some Thoughts on the Poll Showing Mormons Want to Leave the Boy Scouts
One of the most popular poll questions/stories UtahPolicy has ever done came out this week – a new Dan Jones & Associates survey showing...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Utah Republicans May Outsmart Themselves on SB54
Interesting tensions are playing out now in the upper levels of the Utah Republican Party, as some leaders are preparing to change party...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Trouble Brewing for Becker
Salt Lake Mayor Ralph Becker is on the verge of his most difficult political problem in his eight years in office.
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Beehive McCarthyism
It was with incredulity that I wrote a story Tuesday morning about GOP Chairman James Evans’ new idea on how the Utah Republican Party...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: The Heavyweights Weigh In
Count on GOP Gov. Gary Herbert and U. S. Sen. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, both R-Utah, to weigh in on the State Republican Party’s SB54...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Open Doors
Will there be a legitimate moderate Republican candidate in the 2015 Salt Lake City mayor’s race?
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Uncharted Waters
One of the most interesting political battles in recent Utah history will play out over the next four months – first behind closed...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Ten Mostly Good Ideas to Make the Utah Legislature Better
When the 2015 Utah Legislature ended at midnight March 12, it concluded my 35th year of covering the body for either the Deseret News or...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Wrapping Up the 2015 Session
So, what did we learn from the 2015 Legislature?
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Time Ticks Away
There are five days left in the 2015 Legislature and what do we know?
Bob Bernick's Notebook: House GOP Struggling with Medicaid Expansion
Some Utah House Republicans have a tough decision to make: Just how hard are they going to fight against the GOP Senate and Republican...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Counterintuitive
No matter how much I puzzle upon it, I still don’t understand it.
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Legislators Planning On More Committee Meetings at the End of the Session
A number of legislators – especially House members – have been concerned that more than a third of all the bills passed in recent...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Is it a Tax Hike or Tax Cut?
While most in the Utah media have been yelling “get ready for a gasoline tax hike,” new state House Speaker Greg Hughes says any...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Stopping SB 54 to Save Mike Lee
There is now some talk in the upper levels of the Utah Republican Party that the 2014 grand compromise bill, SB54, which provides an...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Predictions for 2015
Here are my predictions of political happenings in 2015 (not in any order of importance):
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Promise Keepers
Here’s the question: Does a legislative body have a moral obligation to keep a promise the members made to the voters who elected...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Random Thoughts
A busy week in Utah politics, some thoughts on various issues.
Bob Bernick's Notebook: A Proposal to Fix the Utah Legislature
The 75-member Utah House is going to look differently come the 2015 Legislature.
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Utah Democrats on the Decline
Utah could be about to join a rather exclusive club – one that it belonged to briefly in the 1990s and 1980s.
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Stemming the Flood of 'Secret' Bills on Capitol Hill
A special legislative committee would like to find some way to reduce the growing number of “protected” bills lawmakers are secretly...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Same-Sex Marriage Debate Long on Rhetoric, Short on Facts
Get ready for the Great Same-Sex Marriage Debate in the Utah Legislature.
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Walking on a Thin Line
Oh, the fine line of “advocacy” or “comparative” political campaign advertising as compared to “negative”...
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Looming Disappointments for Herbert and Lockhart
I look for two disappointments for top state politicians over the next several months.
Bob Bernick's Notebook: Lockhart's Switcheroo
House Speaker Becky Lockhart shocked more than a few folks when she announced several days ago that she was applying to become Utah’s...