In a letter, Mike Lee and three other influential Senate Republicans urge their colleagues to reject the Gang of Eight's immigration reform bill. 

Reports The Hill:

Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas), Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Jeff Sessions (Ala.) and Mike Lee (Utah) said in a June 4 letter the immigration bill repeats the mistakes of the 1986 immigration reform law.

“In 1986, the American people were promised that, in exchange for granting legal status to illegal immigrants, the border would be secured and the law enforced. Washington broke these promises,” they wrote. “Unfortunately, the so-called ‘Gang of Eight’ immigration bill, S. 744, repeats these mistakes.”

Cruz is a fast-rising Tea Party star, Grassley is the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, Sessions is the ranking Republican on the Budget Committee and Lee is another Tea Party favorite.

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