Monday Musings: It’s August and summer’s last hoorah

It’s August 1 and we’re at that weird in-between space that exists between the heat of summer, the start of school and the rapid slide from Labor Day to Christmas. While there will still be plenty of hot days ahead, by the end of the month, there will be red leaves on the mountains. I’ve gotten my first holiday ad, inviting me to the fabric store so I can begin crafting/sewing gifts and this weekend, Costco had Halloween decorations out.

We’re also in the political doldrums. The primaries are settled (except for one candidate who is suing after his loss) and most campaigning for the general election won’t begin until after Labor Day. That’s when you’ll see signs sprouting up everywhere and the political ads taking off. Until then, though, it’s mostly a holding pattern.

Are you trying to fit in all the “summer” you can? Pool, family reunions, camping, one more day trip? Or are you like me and already mentally shifting gears to school prep, more structured routines (and bedtimes) and making to-do lists for the last five months of the year? We have some major home projects we’re tackling, like replacing our floors and deep-cleaning the garage. Yippee. Summer always goes by quickly, but autumn just speeds by in our house.

Speaking of time marching on: Are you old enough to remember the Jetson’s? I am! Well, George Jetson was “born” yesterday. We have 40 years to get those flying cars into the air…….