Utah Democrats call out Burgess Owens for campaign fund mishandling, donations from Matt Gaetz

Follow the money and see where it goes. For Burgess Owens, Utah’s embattled Q-Anon congressman, where could it possibly lead but right back to Republicans embroiled in scandal antithetical to Burgess’ own campaign — and to illegally-taken money, totaling $42,000.

Today, it was revealed that Rep. Burgess Owens (Q-UT), who campaigned on ending human trafficking — even making it his signature issue — accepted a $2,000 donation from Rep. Matt Gaetz (Q-FL), currently under DOJ investigation for child sex trafficking. But this mishandling of campaign funds isn’t anything new. In fact, it goes on and on and on, from money from arrested and charged insurrectionists, to still holding on to more than $42,000 of campaign funds donated above the legal contribution limit. At one point, Utah’s illegitimate congressman held as much as $130,000 in illegitimately and illegally donated funds.

“This is yet another two-faced display from Burgess Owens.” said UDP Chair Jeff Merchant. “Tomorrow, when Rep. Owens speaks at the Malouf Foundation’s summit against human trafficking, his words will likely be strong. But by keeping Matt Gaetz’s $2,000 in his coffers, his actions show differently. Utah Democrats demand better, and all Utahns know better than this.”

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