Better Utah Institute releases gamified civic engagement toolkit

Today, the Better Utah Institute released a Civic Engagement Toolkit, which can be found on their website here. Through an engaging and gamified series of surveys, games, and quizzes, the toolkit educates Utahns on what civic engagement is and how they can make a positive change in their community by advocating for the issues they care about.  

Watch their 45-second intro video:

Melissa Nelson-Stippich, civic engagement coordinator for the Better Utah Institute, said, “We know when people hear the term ‘civic engagement,’ they have various reactions. Some aren’t sure what it even means, some think it means something boring is about to happen, and some of us get excited! We developed this toolkit with the hopes of showing Utah that civic engagement is something that can be easy and fun.” 

The toolkit has three levels for users to navigate through:

  • Level 1: Getting to know you: Users will learn about what type of advocacy they are most comfortable with and their top issue of concern. 
  • Level 2: Civic Engagement 101: Users will learn the basics of civic engagement, including getting informed, taking action, voting, building relationships, and taking a leadership role. 
  • Level 3: Make an Action Plan: Users will put their newfound knowledge to use. They’ll set goals and develop strategies on how to start getting civically engaged.

The Civic Engagement Toolkit is sponsored by UServeUtah