Firearms advocates comment on severe drought

Policymakers urge gunowners and target shooters to exercise caution when target shooting on Utah’s public lands.

Today, members of Utah’s state legislature,  state Constitutional officers and other advocates for the Second Amendment released  the following statement regarding Utah’s severe drought. 

Responsible Gunowners Will Protect Utah’s Lands 

“Together, we have worked to protect and preserve the ability of Utah residents to freely  exercise their Second Amendment rights. Today, we are asking each of you to help us  protect Utah.” 

“Like you, we enjoy access to Utah’s public lands and the opportunities they provide for  target shooting. However, this year we are facing a severe drought and high  temperatures. It will not take much for a spark to start a severe fire.” 

“We ask you to please be mindful as you consider where, when and whether to shoot.  High winds, dry conditions, hot temperatures, rocks and other circumstances may  require you to responsibly decide to wait for better conditions on another day.”

“Target shooting is an enjoyable activity, and we understand how frustrating this can be,  but we do not want to put at risk first responders and our wild places when we literally  can prevent forest fires.” 

“Thank you for being responsible gun owners.” 

Governor Spencer J. Cox, W. Clark Aposhian, Attorney General Sean Reyes, Representative A. Cory Maloy, State Auditor John Dougall, Representative Craig Hall, Jeremy Roberts, Representative Karianne Lisonbee, Senator Don Ipson, Representative Lowry Snow, Senator Todd Weiler, Representative Mike Schultz, Representative Ryan Wilcox, Representative Norman Thurston, Senator Jake Anderegg, Representative Steve Eliason, Senator Daniel Thatcher, Representative Susan Pulsipher, Senator Evan Vickers, Representative Timothy Hawkes, Senator Curt Bramble, Representative Walt Brooks, Senator Wayne Harper, Representative Christine Watkins, Representative Mike Winder