Task force to design a new Utah flag will include Gov. Cox, Lt. Gov. Henderson, and six legislators

The process to create a new state flag, which will include opportunities for every Utahn to have input on the symbolism and design, begins this Wednesday with the first meeting of the State Flag Task Force at the Utah State Capitol.

The task force will initially be chaired by Gov. Spencer J. Cox. Other members of the task force include Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson, Sens. Jacob Anderegg, Luz Escamilla, and Daniel McCay, Reps. Stephen Handy, Robert Spendlove, and Elizabeth Weight, and Jill Love, the executive director of the Department of Cultural & Community Engagement.

“Utah’s flag should symbolize our values and our ambitions,” Gov. Cox said. “I’m hopeful we can design a new state flag that better represents both our past and our future, and that reflects what makes Utah such a special place.”

The task force was created through legislation passed during the 2021 General Session, sponsored by Sen. McCay and Rep. Handy. A core principle of the task force is to give every Utahn the opportunity to shape the principles and symbolism of the new flag. That public engagement is important to ensure a dynamic new state flag.

The new state flag will have a simplified design that is more iconic. It will also incorporate symbolism more reflective of Utah’s heritage while also representing all Utahns and the state’s aspirations for the future.

“Utah is a very distinctive state, but our current flag blends in with many other state flags. We can do better,” McCay said. “The new state flag can be simplified with a design that is both innovative and memorable.” 

Once a new state flag is chosen, the current state flag will become the Governor’s Flag and will still be flown publicly. The state seal, which is shown on the current flag, will also remain in place.

The first meeting of the State Flag Task Force will be held Wednesday, June 16, at 4 p.m. in the Utah State Capitol Boardroom. It is open to the public.