North Ogden-based Major Brent Taylor Foundation (MBTF) launches plans for “Weber Remembers: The 9/11 Project”

Hosting a video interview day in Weber State’s Shepherd Union Building

Members of the public are invited to come to WSU today (June 15, 2021) to answer the question: “Where were you on September 11, 2001?”  Video interviews will be used as part of the upcoming “Weber Remembers: The 9/11 Project”—both for social media segments and as part of the interactive exhibit to be put on at the Weber County Fairgrounds.

The MBTF is looking for members of the public from all walks of life to be involved in the planning and executing of the series of events that aims to help remind community members of the feelings they experienced in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 9/11—and then to act on those feelings by coming together as a community to find ways to serve those around them.

Volunteers with all backgrounds and from all walks of life are needed.  Those interested may inquire at [email protected] or learn more on Facebook (Weber Remembers: The 9/11 Project) or .

What: A series of events commemorating the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Events include an interactive museum exhibit, commUNITY center, firefighters’ memorial motorcycle ride and program, firefighters’ sunrise services, and performances by local entertaining groups.

Who: The Major Brent Taylor Foundation is partnering with the Weber County Sheriff’s office, Weber County local government agencies, police & fire departments, local military units, businesses and other charitable organizations.

When: September 9th , 10th  and 11th , 2021.

Where: The main events will take place at the Weber County Fairgrounds and Ogden Amphitheater.  The sunrise services will take place throughout Weber County.  The memorial motorcycle ride will travel from Sandy, Utah to Ogden’s amphitheater.

Media inquires may contact Jennie Taylor (founder/director of the MBTF) at 801-628-3848 or [email protected] or Johnny Ferry (director of the interactive museum exhibits) at 385-400-1376 or [email protected]

Series of Upcoming “Weber Remembers” Events:

Interactive 9/11 Memorial “Museum” Exhibit set up at the Weber County Fairgrounds.  Open September 9th, 10th and 11th (with a VIP/Dignitary Preview night on the 8th). Open to the public.  Free of charge. School children will be visiting on field trips during the day on September 9th and 10th. 

CommUNITY Center set up at the Weber County Fairgrounds adjacent to the “museum” exhibit. Representatives from local fire, police, military, medical and civic groups will have “booths” set up for interaction with community members of all ages.  Entertainment groups will be performing throughout the day on Saturday, September 11th. 

Sunrise Flag Ceremonies hosted by various fire departments/districts throughout the county (Coordinated by Jake Rast with the Roy City Fire Department).  Saturday, September 11th at 6:42 am–the time the first plane flew into the Twin Towers. 

Memorial Firefighters Motorcycle Ride from Sandy, Utah to the Ogden Amphitheater.  Saturday, September 11th in the morning–arriving to the amphitheater around 12 noon. 

Firefighters’ Memorial Program: 12 noon at the Ogden Amphitheater on Saturday, September 11th. Honoring our local and national firefighters–including the reading of the names of all 343 firefighters who died in New York on 9/11. 

Groups/Agencies Involved to Date:
The Major Brent Taylor Foundation is working/coordinating with: 

Sheriff Ryan Arbon’s Office

Johnny Ferry and Honeyville, Inc (located at BDO)

The Weber County Commissioners

The mayors and councilmembers of the cities within Weber County

The fire departments and districts within Weber County

The police departments within Weber County

Colonel Jenise Carrol at Hill Air Force Base

Local US Army Recruiters

The PAO of the Utah National Guard

The Weber School District and Foundation (with plans to also coordinate with the Ogden School District and Foundation, as well as local charter schools and homeschool groups)

Mackenzie Exhibit (located at BDO)

The 9/11 Memorial Museum in Manhattan, NY

The Utah Historical Society

The Weber County Historical Society

Weber State University

Miss North Ogden Gracie Kay Nichols

Miss Weber County Abigail Lang

Daughters of the American Revolution (local area chapter)

The Benson Sisters (WWII-era performing group)

Businesses/Foundations/Organizations Helping with Funding to Date:

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation in Manhattan, NY

Thrive 125 (Honoring 125 years of Utah’s statehood this year)

Alpha Graphics   

Weber County RAMP Committee

Mackenzie Exhibit

Honeyville, Inc. 

Blake Cevering Realty Group

Lindee Bess “Kommission for Kids” Foundation

Engage Wellness

This list is growing and will be updated as details are worked out with other potential donors. 

Examples of Some Service Opportunities for the Public, Businesses, Churches, etc:

1.      Set up and take down of the interactive museum experience at the Weber County Fairgrounds (set up on Wednesday, September 8th; take down late on the evening of Saturday, September 11th)

2.      Pre-assembly of the interactive museum displays (happening late August/early September–basic construction work involving 2′ by 4′ bases being made for our photographic wall displays)

3.      Ushers at the various activities/parking lots for all events

4.      Musical performances at the CommUNITY center throughout the day on September 11th

5.      Help with children’s interactive crafts/letter-writing station at the CommUNITY center on September 11th 

6.      Setting up American Flags ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE throughout our area on September 11th (set up in the early morning; take down in the late evening)

7.      Recording people’s memories of where they were and what they remember about 9/11 (we have three interns from WSU helping do the actual recording–we need to help find people who are willing to share their memories, no matter how “grand” or seemingly simple.  We will use these videos for our 9/11 interactive museum project and also provide a copy to WSU and our local historical societies for long-term keeping)

8.      Marketing/Getting the word out between now and September 11th

9.      Coordinating school/homeschool field trips for children to come to the “museum” on September 9th and 10th

10.  Gratitude letter writing to service members, police, fire, medical workers. etc. (we could use people to write the letters AND someone to help coordinate the gathering/sending of the letters)

11.  Care package/hygiene kit/food pantry box (or similar) assembly and dispersal to be put together at the CommUNITY Center at the Weber County Fairgrounds on 9/11/2021

12.   VIP night planning and hosting for local dignitaries, key donors, etc. 

13.   CommUNITY Center “booth” hosts–similar to a vendor booth at a convention, we are looking for groups/organizations who are service/civic minded that want to set up a booth to be able to meet/mingle with the people who come to the event–particularly for organizations who have opportunities for the public to serve in an ongoing way.