Congressman Blake Moore and Senator James Lankford introduce the bipartisan Retain Skilled Veterans Act to permanently repeal the “180-Day Rule”

Today, Congressman Blake Moore (R-UT) and Senator James Lankford (R-OK) introduced the bipartisan Retain Skilled Veterans Act. This legislation would permanently remove the existing requirement for retired military members to submit a waiver to work as a civilian employee at the Department of Defense within 180 days of their retirement or separation for positions at the GS-13 level or below. Last year, the House Armed Services Committee improved veterans hiring by temporarily removing the “180-Day Rule” under a 2-year authority only for the Organic Industrial Base (Military Depots). The Retain Skilled Veterans Act furthers this progress by permanently repealing the rule across the entire Department of Defense.

“It is essential that we attract and retain qualified and skilled veterans in our civilian workforce,” said Congressman Blake Moore. “I am proud to introduce the Retain Skilled Veterans Act with Senator Lankford to provide a pathway for most military veterans to immediately transition to civilian work and use their invaluable knowledge and skills to make our federal workforce stronger.”

The Retain Skilled Veterans Act would help federal hiring become more competitive with private industry and obtain the skilled technicians needed to maintain, equip, and support next-generation weapon systems. The government’s ability to quickly hire veterans after their departure from the military will offset its rapidly aging workforce and provide these military members pathways for employment after their service. This legislation has received broad support from external organizations and stakeholders, including The Military Coalition.

The bill text can be found here.