Rep. Stewart’s statement on Republican investigation of China’s malign influence activities against corporate America

Last week, Republicans on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence made public their investigation of China’s malign influence activities against corporate America. Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT) released the following statement.

“It’s no secret that China’s ultimate strategic goal is becoming the world’s preeminent superpower – economically, militarily, diplomatically, and technologically. It’s also no secret that the Chinese government employs a wide range of initiatives to shape events and public opinion to undermine U.S. national and economic security. American companies are deeply entangled in this effort, wittingly and unwittingly.

“The aim of our investigation is to answer a number of important questions. How are U.S. companies vulnerable to Chinese theft? How does China influence U.S. businesses and to what end? What role does China play in our supply chain and what vulnerabilities does this create? This investigation is ongoing, but one answer is already clear: China is using corporate America to influence our government and public perception.

“Fortunately, we are making progress. This investigation is serving to inform businesses of China’s malign activities, as well as increase public awareness of their malicious efforts. But this fight is far from over. We need the help of our businesses to ensure America remains the world’s leader – we certainly can’t afford them aiding China in becoming the foremost superpower. If corporate America doesn’t open its eyes, realize the gravity of this situation, and prioritize American interests, we will all suffer the consequences of an empowered Chinese Communist Party.”