Rep. Stewart Joins Maria Bartiromo to Discuss COVID-19, China, and Corporate America

This morning, Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT) joined Fox News’ Mornings with Maria to discuss the House Republican hearing on the origins of COVID-19, the importance of holding China accountable for their role in the outbreak, and China’s growing influence over corporate America.

Highlights of remarks are below the video.

COVID-19 Origins:

“And when you look at the evidence, as was presented yesterday, there’s virtually no evidence at all – no indication at all – that [COVID-19] came from any natural source.

And yet, there’s all sorts of evidence that it came from the [Wuhan] lab. But once again, that’s just common sense. It should have at least been considered as a possibility all along.”

Holding China Accountable:

“Democrats have refused to hold a single hearing…Notone hearing in any committee, and there’s a number of committees that have the jurisdiction that could have looked at this.

“And by the way, [Democrats] don’t intend to hold any hearings.”

China’s Influence Over Corporate America:

“[Chinese] President Xi makes no secret of what his goals are: To have China be the single dominant superpower by 2049…He wants to do that diplomatically, economically, technologically, [and] militarily. And yet, to do that, he has to have the support of American business.

“We should just appeal to the commonsense and patriotism of these business leaders. For heaven’s sake, if it endangers our future and national security – and by extension, by the way, endangers their own economic well-being – they should use commonsense, and that sense of patriotism, to say, ‘We won’t do this.’

“To these business leaders: Do what’s right for your own country. Do what’s right for your own company.”